Spielplatz has abandoned Social Media.
Our accounts attracted the wrong type of people, we spent more time blocking undesirables than we did imparting useful information to our legitimate followers.
Social Media has been hijacked, truth and enlightenment struggle to be heard, and mostly are not heard at all, over the noise of lies, misinformation, vested interest propaganda and conspiracy theories.
We urge you to abandon Social media, it is a Twenty-First Century addiction as dangerous as any drug.
Our young people are bullied on social media.
Privacy has been lost.
The very few people who control Social Media have changed the course of history, not for the better but for their own financial gain.
If you want to know about Spielplatz you will not find reliable or credible information on Social Media.
Naturism is a therapy that is the perfect cure for the ills created by Social Media.
Come to Spielplatz, get naked and interact in person with our members and friends.
Reality beats virtual every time.
Footnote: Over the years we have had several accounts that we have either lost control of because the person in charge can’t remember the password, or because they are no longer around.

We have an X (Twitter) account but it is mostly dormant.
We also have a few videos on Vimeo:
We do not have Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok.
Join the revolution, put your phone away and get real.

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